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Axolotl has been at the forefront of surface design and innovation for almost 30 years.

Visit our feature showroom near South Fremantle to explore our range of metals, concrete and lightweight natural stone.


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Axolotl Metal Doors

An Axolotl door will transform your entrance

Metal doors create a striking visual and textural element to the front of your home, achieving a look that is hard to equal with traditional timber or glazing door varieties. The inclusion of metals such as aged brass, bronze or pewter can increase the appeal and value of your home.


All of these doors are metal coated using Axolotl Applied Metal. This allows you to have metal finished door with none of the weight, fabrication or installation difficulties usually associated with solid metal doors.


This is a selection of our most popular designs and finishes, all of which are on display in Beaconsfield WA.

Axolotl 3D Printed Aged Bronze Door

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A straightforward ordering process

1. Choose your metal, texture and ageing options. We recommend a trip to our showroom.

2. Send your pre-fitted door blank to us; we can liaise with your joiner or door company as required.

3. We apply the metal coat to your door; your door is then returned for final installation.

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In addition to our standard range, Axolotl uses 3D printing and CNC machining to achieve hundreds of custom door designs.

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Experience the full impact of Axolotl metal coated doors by visiting our character showroom in Beaconsfield (near South Fremantle).