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Axolotl has been at the forefront of surface design and innovation for almost 30 years.

Visit our feature showroom near South Fremantle to explore our range of metals, concrete and lightweight natural stone.


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External Facades

Axolotl can work with any panel facade system on the market and most customised systems, to create a stunning feature for any building. Facade panel substrates which can be bonded with Axolotl surfaces include, but are not limited to, CFC, phenolic resin, aluminium and steel.


More than 200 Axolotl effects can be created, including embossing and/or debossing, company names and logos,street numbers and even artworks.

Create a unique feature of structural and architectural elements such as blades, building skins and curtain facades with Axolotl surfaces. Axolotl provides architects and designers access to a vast palette of metals, concrete, terracotta and glass, which they could previously only dream of ever using.

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