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Axolotl has been at the forefront of surface design and innovation for almost 30 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions​

Axolotl is a world leader in specialist applied metal coatings and other surface coatings.

We can help you achieve a level of luxury that is not feasible with traditionally cast or fabricated solid metals, concrete or stone.

Our range of finishes is extensive and varied. These frequently asked questions will assist in learning about our services, however please don't hesitate to contact our team for information or advice.

Brass and Shale Coated Kitchen Cabinets

What services does Axolotl WA offer?

Primarily we apply beautiful metal finishes onto other surfaces by using the Axolotl liquid metal technique. This is known as Applied Metal.

We also inlay metals into timber, stone, concrete, glass and other surfaces, as well as supply Axolotl Concrete and Axolotl Stone.

Do you make solid metal front doors?

No, all the images you see on the website can be thought of as thin metal ‘skins’ that we apply over other materials, usually timber in the case of doors.


Clients can either supply a door blank to us for coating, or we can provide a measure and install service via our partners.

What is 'Applied Metal' and what does it bond to?

Applied Metal is the Axolotl technique of liquefying powdered metals and then chemically bonding them onto a substrate. No heat is used in this process so the substrate will not be damaged.

We can apply onto just about anything including other metals, plastics, glass, timber, stone and lots more.

Does anyone else supply Axolotl services in WA?

No, only Axolotl in Matraville (NSW) and Beaconsfield (WA) provide Axolotl services in Australia.


We use our own proprietary materials and offer a quality and longevity that cannot be matched by inferior products.

Copper, brass, bronze, zinc, pewter, nickel, stainless steel and iron. There are also some unique Axolotl blended metals and alloys: Treasury Bronze, Sentinel Copper, Gold Nickel, Armoury Brass and more. See the metal swatches page for more details.

Please contact our design team with details of your project. For quoting we will need the dimensions of the areas you wish to coat.

Yes, check out the dozens of sculptures and building facades we have coated over the years.

Axolotl coatings are UV stable and extremely weather resistant.

Yes, however the substrate that it is applied to will also need to be suitable for that area.

Applied Metal saves a lot of weight, material, fabrication time/cost and eliminates welding, warping, joining and folding of metal. We can create seamless appearing metal pieces across all materials and shapes, including compound curves. Applied Metal can be bonded in various textures; this is not possible with solid metals.

This is your choice. We usually seal the metals to prevent further ageing but this is not required. If the Applied Metal or sheet metal is not sealed, they will continue to age naturally.

The services can only be applied by our artisans using specialised equipment and after months of training.

No, metallic paint is just paint with metallic pigments.

Axolotl Applied Metal uses pure metal powder in very high concentrations. Once the chemical process is complete we can then treat the finished surface the same as solid or sheet metal: cutting, polishing, finishing, engraving, ageing etc. The process will typically add several kilograms of weight to a front door and requires specialist metal polishing equipment.