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Axolotl has been at the forefront of surface design and innovation for almost 30 years.

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Axolotl Door in a Brass Lunar Florentine
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Brass Lunar Florentine

Aged brass is a timeless finish that sits equally well in modern architecture as in more traditional homes.


Known by various names such ‘oil aged’ or ‘rubbed’ brass, Axolotl’s brass is darkened with a Florentine solution . This is a superior darkening agent that can accelerate decades of ageing to less than a week.


A beautiful, rich finish with a deep lustre. Brass Florentine is also an excellent coating for other metalwork where an aged brass appearance is required but cannot acheived with solid brass.

DOOR SHOWN: BRASS, LUNAR, Florentine Ageing

This FINISH is on display in beaconsfield, WA